“What if I told you, someone is sitting in this empty chair?” – The Undeparted (TV Show)

I am currently partnering up with my friend Rob to Produce a TV Pilot for a new Documentary show about spirit attachments. I do not consider myself a strong believer in Ghosts or Spirits, but I am open minded and very interested to learn about people’s experiences.

And so we open this door and begin this journey…

We recently shot our first set of interviews and already a couple strange things have happened! When reviewing the footage for one of the interviews I noticed we had recorded our second camera for a few moments beyond the cut, basically we are left with a shot of an empty chair in an empty room. This is not out of the normal, especially in this kind of situation, as we were shooting with limited crew and our second locked down camera is in another room far from our subject. In editing, I generally trim this kind of footage without looking at it, but something subtle caught my eye. The chair in the empty frame wobbles without explanation!

We are excited about all the footage gathered for the show and will explore what happened in this shot, along with the history of the building, what is going on at this location, and another strange incident that happened during the shoot.

Our intentions are to exploring these stories in a classic documentary style without the flashes of light and deep breath “what was that?” moments. We simply want to let people tell their stories and experiences in their own words!

Our Show is Currently Titled: The Undeparted

Stay tuned for project updates!

Thank you for reading.

Best Regards,