Why a Film Leader?

At PulseCinema we’re extremely fortunate to have such great clients, and many of them often invite us out to see our films debut at their events. We love to go, and it’s a real thrill to see our work helping to raise awareness or funds for a worthy cause. Some of our films have raised over $50,000.00 in just under five minutes!

Now after going to several of these events, one thing we’ve come to anticipate is how long it takes for people to settle down once the film begins to play. In our films we often have important content or emotion right up front, so the audience is grabbed from the start and making an immediate connection. Not really a problem for a personal or online showing. However, at a large fundraising event where most people are moving around and busy chatting, it can mean some important details are sure to get lost.

So, we decided to find a solution to this problem. Knowing that the best solution is usually right there in front of us, we started asking questions. The first was, “Where do large audiences usually view films, and how does the audience know it’s starting?” The answer is at a movie theater, and those films use leaders to let us know when the film is about to start. So in honor of our favorite cinematic masterpieces, we set out to create our very own film leader.

We love shooting interesting old items, and since we make films we thought an old movie projector would be a great item to incorporate. So off to Ebay we went, and after a lot of searching, we finally found one that we thought was cool and in excellent condition. We pulled the trigger and waited for our new bowling ball to arrive. We’re not kidding! When we pulled it from the shipping box it was in a little bowling bowl like case, and the projector itself was roughly the size of bowling bowl. It even weighed as much as any ball we’ve ever rolled. We loved it!

We decided we really wanted the projector to pop out of the background, so we filmed it against a black backdrop and lit the projector itself with a large soft lighting source. At times we added a hard, very faint, warm light just to add a little more dimension to the look.

The full frame look of the Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 100mm 2.8 L Macro IS Lens is beautiful, so we decided to use this camera for the project. We also used a Canon 24-70mm L version I for the wide shot. We also settled on static shots because the projector itself would be operating, and we knew we wanted to make a series of quick cuts. (When you shoot with a dolly, the shots are very interesting and the effect is wonderful, but we feel it begs the editor to linger longer on each shot.) With only ten seconds to fill, we knew it was important for the viewer’s eye to land on a shot and have just the right amount of time to interpret the frame.

During post we decided that it would be fun to use the tone from “Bars & Tone” as a sound, or driver for the leader. “Bars & Tone” are widely used in the video world to make sure that monitors are dialed in correctly, and to help in the syncing process when bouncing a film from a picture editing station, to a sound editing station, and then back again. We like the tone because it has that count down feel. Also, probably because we’re a little strange, and we like that our film is referencing both the old and the new.

We hope you enjoy it!!!

Click here to view the leader.

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