Breast Cancer Awareness spot for Adventist Health Care

We recently had the pleasure of working on a Breast Cancer Awareness spot for Adventist Health Care. The spot was created to play on the jumbotron at the 2019 Washington Spirit’s home finale, for the first “Show Your Survivor Spirit” event. This half time event was host by Adventist Health Care, and the spot was designed to remind those modern busy moms to remember to stay healthy by getting their check ups and mammograms.  You can see some of the pics from this great event on the AHC Facebook page.

This subject hit home for us personally, as my wife and our family just went through a year long battle with breast cancer. It is a rough road, but early detection dramatically increases the odds of survival.

Like most families these days, our lives are busy! We’ve got sports practices, PTA meetings, work, and to add to that, we just brought home two new puppies. I’m not sure what we were thinking on that last note, but the puppies sure are cute, and one of them even made an appearance in the spot!

With that said, we were excited to jump in and team up with AHC on this spot!

Budget was tight, so we had to keep our shoot to under 10 hours with crew, and 8 hours with our talent. The final concept was based on a day in the life of a busy mom and her family, with a message that she needs to make time for herself and get those check ups and mammograms. We had a lot to do in one day, but we were excited to get on it!

As we normally do, we started with a large “dream” shot list, then worked that down to the necessary shots. A preliminary scout of the home, had us shooting in 2 rooms on the 2nd floor and 4 rooms on the 1st floor.  We were able to schedule each level of the home in a clockwise shooting manner, so the moves were as simple and quick as possible. This also allowed us to rotate our outside HMI lighting around the house step by step, in the same clockwise manner. No time or energy was wasted moving camera and gear between our set ups. We also kept our takes down to an average of 2-3 per setup, which is much easier to do if there is no dialogue.

We shoot in V-Log with the Panasonic EVA1 camera system. The camera has wonderful color science, a really nice image, and is light and maneuverable. We paired it with a set of Canon EF Cine primes, which warmed the Panasonic image a little. We also slipped a ¼ Black Satin filter into our matte box to soften the image a wee bit. Footage was recorded into the Atomos Shogun Inferno for easy to use 4k ProRes 422 HQ.

We put together a small crew, and got it done in ten!

Lighting note for my Cinematography friends:

I recently decided to convert my Kino Flo Tegra into a 4ft x 6-Bank Quasar Science Q-LED X Crossfade light.  This light is amazing, and because each light has its own ballast, those lights can easily be popped out and used as individual lights. In the bathroom scene, when our mom brushes her teeth, we used a single 4ft Q-LED to wrap the window light around her face. We were able to easily dial in the color temp of the light and we felt the light worked out great!  (For those interested, I took some photos of the Tegra conversion and will put together a quick blog post very soon.)

When it we came around to the final set up of the day, we placed a Joleko light cutting “sunlight” into the background of the kitchen, and our gaffer suggest we move an Arri 1200 par around to the porch and push it in through the front side window as our key light, but there wasn’t much room on the porch, so we considered the idea of using the 6 – bank Quasar science “Quegra” (as I now call it) just outside the door with a waterfall of tough frost. It worked out really nicely!!! I am now a huge fan of Qusar Science –

The talent was awesome and hit all their marks, the crew was amazing, we all had a great time, and we got it done inside of ten! Just in time for the crew to get together for a well deserved beer! LOL

The edit came together quickly, composer Gabriel Dimarco ( did an amazing job with the music, and we sent the project to to have a sound edit, Cheryl and her team are the best!

It was a wonderful experience, and we are thankful to Adventist Health Care for trusted us to be part of their team!

Here’s the final spot:

If you have a question or you want to talk about a new project, reach out to us! Let’s make something!

Thank you for reading our little blog!

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