The Undeparted picks up 7 new awards and an awesome review from Top Shorts!!!

PulseCinema got more good news, that we won “Best Documentary” film at Top Shorts film festival! Check out the review inside…

We are thankful to Top Shorts for the recognizing our film, and their review just makes us feel great!

“Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, this fascinating documentary will leave you speechless (and less skeptical). Chris McGuinness is a brilliant storyteller and a talented director-cinematographer. The editing by Beth Anthony and score by Gabriel DiMarco keep the tension high throughout. Amazing work.”  – TOP SHORTS

Top Shorts

Awards from Top Shorts

Best Documentary – Best Cinematagraphy – Best Editing – Honorable Mention Directing

We also want to thank Creation Internation Film Festival for recognizing The Undeparted for 3 awards!

Awards from CIFF are shown on their Facebook Page

Best Short Thriller – Best Editing – Best Sound Design

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